Late Fakirs’ songs are stories of shared human experience – sometimes confessional, sometimes humorous or edgy – with images that connect us emotionally in a conversation. Metaphor has the power to teach both of us – writer and listener – something about ourselves and maybe each other. Performance of the song is just the start of the conversation – ideally we have the rest of our lives to see where it takes us. So long as we’re talking, you and I, we’re still alive.
Greg Shields, 2019

Late Fakirs is a loose affiliation of friends from widely different places on the musical map who got together to see what would happen when we collaborated on some tunes.

Partners in Crime 2017-2019

  • Greg "Harpfool" Shields (Luckyfool) - vocals / guitar / piano / harp / banjitar

  • Geoff Breen (Forevertree, Luckyfool, Black Eyed Barbie) - acoustic and electric bass

  • Jeremiah Pick (The Pick Brothers Band) - acoustic and electric guitars

  • Casey Pick (The Pick Brothers Band) - electric and standup bass

  • Gabriel Pick (The Pick Brothers Band) - drums / piano

  • Vanessa Lio (Vanessa Lio Music) - featured vocalist

  • Dwayne Jackson (Forevertree, Black Eyed Barbie) - vocals

  • John Redley (Black Eyed Barbie) - piano / organ

  • Josh Harris - drums

  • Brian Samuels - cello

  • Justine Maw Farrar - backing vocals

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